For over 100 years, children in cities all over our nation have been able to exercise, play and grow up in safety at their local Boys & Girls Clubs. Those children saw a world that was better than the one offered to them on the streets. From that beginning, they could pursue active and constructive routes that led to a better life.

In Washington, D.C. that opportunity was recently challenged when an operating crisis forced the consolidation of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Boys & Girls Clubs and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. Both organizations had people and resources that were extremely valuable to their communities, too valuable to lose.

The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation provided a grant that facilitated the consolidation of two valuable independent organizations into one and funded the development of a system of internal controls that allowed them to build a strengthened management system that now operates the consolidated organization.

Through our support, thousands of children in some of the most economically challenged areas of Washington will have a safe place to turn to after school. We are proud of the fact that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington applied our grant to change the lives of children that needed help.