For more than a quarter of a century, the Capital Area Food Bank has reached out to the hungry in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area not only with nourishing meals, but with compassion, understanding, dignity and respect. Through its varied nutritional and educational programs, the food bank strives to engage all segments of the community in a broad-based yet concerted effort to eliminate hunger in our nation’s capital.

The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation applauds the remarkable work done by the food bank and its 760 member agencies, which together serve over 80,000 people every week, and deliver over 1.6 million meals a month. That’s an astonishing 20 million pounds of food each year. Yet impressive as these figures are, many in the D.C. area still go to bed hungry every night. The problem, however, is not the lack of food, but the lack of an adequate facility in which it can be collected, sorted, stored and distributed. The food bank recently acquired an existing warehouse that can be turned into such a facility, but now faces the daunting task of raising sufficient funds to renovate it.

A grant from the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation to the ‘Til No One Is Hungry capital campaign helps solve that dilemma. Together with the Capital Area Food Bank, the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation finds it unacceptable that anyone living in the capital of the most affluent nation in history should suffer from hunger. The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation is pleased to assist the Capital Area Food Bank in its untiring efforts.