Jill’s House in McLean, Virginia celebrates children with special needs and provides relief to the extraordinary families who love them through short-term, overnight respite care. As Lon and Brenda Solomon raised their daughter Jill, they became aware of the difficulties of families raising children with special needs. They established Jill’s House which is dedicated to providing support for families raising children with special needs. The parents, caregivers and siblings of these special children are exceptional human beings. They face the same same day-to-day struggles as most with the added concern, dedication, stress and exhaustion that comes with raising a child with special needs. In the National Capital Area alone, there are 40,000 children with special needs. Jill’s House opened in October 2010. Since opening, more than 600 families have benefited from over 50,000 hours of respite care. The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation helped fund the construction of Jill’s House and chaired the inaugural Celebration of Special Children Gala in 2013.