The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation is proud to support a broad spectrum of initiatives that contribute to the inspiration and excellence of America’s educated citizenry. One example is our grant to the Museum of the Rockies and famed paleontologist Jack Horner. Professor Horner recently discovered what is believed to be the three oldest Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils ever found, and the most complete juvenile Tyrannosaur ever found.

Estimated to be some two million years older than previously identified specimens, the oldest of the three 67 million year-old Tyrannosaurus rex specimens — named B-Rex, after Bob Harmon, one of Horner’s team members who located the fossil — was discovered in a remote area of Montana known as Hell Creek. B-Rex was one of eight T-rex found by Horner and his team during the second and third seasons of a five-year dig.

The project was funded substantially by the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation and the Discovery Channel.