The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation believes that education serves to enrich the lives of all Americans. For those challenged by cancer, education and advocacy become the prime factors in their survival and rehabilitation. That is why the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation has partnered with the National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship.

Serving as the nation’s only survivor-led advocacy organization, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship works exclusively to help more than 9 million American cancer survivors and millions of family members that are touched by the disease. Founded in 1986, this organization leads the cancer survivorship movement.

NCCS helps millions of cancer survivors and those that care for them face a spectrum of challenges. To help understand and manage their disease, NCCS serves as a clearinghouse for credible information about survivorship. To help educate the survivors, NCCS distributes important materials, such as their award winning product Cancer: Keys to Survivorship. NCCS also advocates for survivors both locally and nationally. They represent the survivor’s best interests by helping them get access to the best care available.

The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation is proud to support the National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship in their efforts to assure quality cancer care for all Americans.