Most programs aimed at feeding the hungry are, by their very nature, decidedly local in terms of their focus, support and overall impact.

Not so in the case of Share Our Strength.


Based in Washington DC, Share our Strength is unique in its membership, its methods and its aims. A national nonprofit, it counts many of America’s most famous chefs among its members. These culinary superstars and their fine restaurants, together with thousands of dedicated individual volunteers and major corporate sponsors such as The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation, employ a host of fundraising activities whose proceeds help to relieve hunger on a nationwide scale. From innovative culinary benefit events such as “Taste of the Nation,” to nutrition education initiatives like “Operation Frontline,” to the tried-and-true efforts of “The Great American Bake Sale,” Share Our Strength is making a difference for good from coast to coast.

In its diversity and its creativity, Share Our Strength represents the very best kind of enlightened private sector response to a pressing social need. As such, the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation is proud to be counted as one of its valued corporate partners.