Catherine B. Reynolds is proud to be on the Advisory Council of the Stanford Center on Longevity. The Advisory Council helps advise and guide the Center by providing informed perspective on goals, priorities and programs, and by advocating on the Center’s behalf beyond the Stanford community.

The mission of the Stanford Center on Longevity is to accelerate and implement scientific discoveries, technological advances, behavioral practices, and social norms so that century-long lives are healthy and rewarding.

To inspire change on a grand scale, the Center works with more than 150 Stanford faculty, their students and research staffs, as well as leaders from industries that are poised to distribute innovative products and services to the public, thought leaders who help to shape the ideas that influence cultural change, and policy makers who target important challenges and opportunities for long-lived societies. By fostering dialogue and collaborations among these typically disconnected worlds, the Center aims to develop workable solutions for urgent issues confronting the world as the population ages. With these partners, they aim to redesign how we live our lives so that the great potential of longer life is fully realized.