In the summer of 1787, fifty-five delegates gathered in Philadelphia to discuss, debate, and ultimately draft the remarkable document that has been the bedrock of American liberty for more than two centuries.

America’s Constitution provides the basic, practical structure for the greatest democracy the world has ever known. Yet in order to function as the Founders truly intended, that spare but inspired framework requires something more – a public atmosphere of candor that promotes citizen awareness of and participation in the democratic process, and validates the legitimacy of its outcomes.

Put another way, our political system depends for its very life upon a free and frank exchange of ideas, conducted in the open air and the brilliant light of day. In an era of intense partisanship, information overload, and highly divisive and complex issues, some have claimed that that ideal is beyond our grasp.

The Sunlight Foundation begs to differ.

The mission of The Sunlight Foundation is to use the transformative power of the Internet and new information technology to enable citizens to learn more about the activities of Congress and their elected representatives. In so doing, it helps to reduce corruption, to ensure greater transparency and accountability by government, and – most importantly – to foster a genuine sense of public trust in the vital institutions of democracy. As its name implies, The Sunlight Foundation strives to open wide the figurative windows and shutters that cloak the political process in shadow for most Americans, and to let the fresh air and light flood in.

To accomplish this, the Sunlight Foundation engages in a varied program of grants, wide-ranging research projects, and innovative web-based initiatives such as Congresspedia, Washington Watchdog, and OpenCongress. Such efforts, designed to enlighten and empower the public regarding the workings of their government, are one in spirit with The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation’s core mission of creating an educated citizenry. As such, The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation is proud to provide its financial support to this worthy organization.