The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation encourages students to set and achieve personal goals that exceed their own high expectations. The Foundation believes that through education, barriers to success crumble. In support of this, the Foundation has provided a grant to the Washington Redskins Leadership Council’s Coaches in the Classroom initiative.

The Coaches in the Classroom program helps Washington, D.C. student-athletes build strong academic skills while honing their athletic talents. This program places academic coaches at inner-city high schools to work in concert with athletic coaches. The academic coaches help prepare high school athletes for college and life.

The Foundation’s grant will be used to pay salaries for the academic coaches and to provide educational tools required to help the students succeed.

Recent results prove that Coaches in the Classroom is yielding tangible benefits. Since the program was initiated at Anacostia High School , the average GPA for student-athletes has increased by more than 33% and now exceed the school’s overall GPA average. Additionally, average SAT scores for student-athletes have risen dramatically.

The following schools have been provided with Academic Coaches through Coaches in the Classroom program:

  • Anacostia High School
  • Dunbar High School
  • Ballou High School
  • Central High School