The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation believes that all great accomplishments begin with the imagination of a single individual. When an individual acquires a broad and rich education and matches that education with the desire to improve our society, then anything becomes possible. The “Man from Hope”, President Bill Clinton – exemplifies this ideal.

President Clinton’s life, more than any other, demonstrates to the world that all Americans have the great opportunity to live and fulfill the American Dream. To help people understand and celebrate this favorable circumstance, the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation is proud to partner with the William J. Clinton Presidential Center in the development of a bold new exhibit, The American Dream Tour.

The American Dream Tour will highlight the challenges and advantages that President Clinton faced from his early years as a student in Hope, Arkansas up to the White House. The exhibit will identify the sources of his early opportunity, the roles and names of the individuals that mentored and inspired him and the guideposts that President Clinton reached for while working to become the 42nd President of the United States. The exhibit will highlight his most memorable teachers, family members, ministers, coaches, librarians and heroes of the time. It will also feature the books that he read as a young man that inspired him to pursue a life of public service.

It is our hope that the exhibit will tell a compelling story and will serve as a road map that any citizen, young or old can apply on their own life’s journey to fulfill their American Dream.