Our goal is to ignite the imagination; to build character; to teach young people the value of education and the power of the individual; and to inspire them to aim high and reach for greatness.

Featured Programs

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Center for the Performing Arts

A contribution of $15 million established the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Series for Artistic Excellence as well as other innovative and new arts and education initiatives at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

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International Achievement Summit

The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation serves as the underwriter and host of the International Achievement Summit which brings together the world's pre-eminent leaders from the diverse fields of achievement to meet the most promising young scholars and innovators.

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Fellows For Social Entrepreneurship at New York University

A grant of $10 million by the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation provided annual fellowships and scholarships benefitting over 120 students at New York University. Social Entrepreneurship takes a bold approach to solving a broad range of social problems.

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Jill’s House

Catherine B. Reynolds helped fund construction of Jill's House, a respite care facility, benefitting hundreds of families with special needs children in the National Capital Area. The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation also chaired the Celebration of Special Children Gala.

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About the Foundation

Our Vision

The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation makes a meaningful difference in its creative approach to philanthropy. In addition to offering grants and awards, it believes in direct action and establishing incentives that will stir young people to strive for excellence and thereby have a positive influence in the world.

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About Catherine B. Reynolds

Catherine B. Reynolds brings to the world of philanthropy the same innovation, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit that has ensured her success in the realm of finance and commerce.

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